"The Cloud" has always held an ambiguous and to a certain degree intimidating stature for most of them out there. There has been myriad interpretation about what the Cloud is and how businesses could leverage the platform to have a more scalable, reliant and cost-effective approach in managing their IT.  One of the most surprising fact is that given its ubiquitous presence, small to medium sized businesses are still having trepidation to make the "big" move, and we sure understand the problem here.


Large enterprises have heavily migrated their IT infrastructure to the cloud, given they have the required skilled personnel to drive the migration, but well, that comes for a fat paycheck, which SMBs really can't afford. But should that be hindering SMBs to leverage the flexibility and functionality of the cloud? Well, we believe that shouldn't be the case, hence we are here to assist.


Most small businesses depend on half-baked on-premise rudimentary storage and servers, accommodating mission critical files and programs for the organization. The biggest challenge that these businesses face is managing their corporate data, allowing maximum retention and accessibility. Having a semi-skilled IT staff to manage the infrastructure comes with a bunch of caveats, one of them being overpaying someone for the services which doesn't really promise the optimal administration of the IT assets and the critical data. And the catch being professionals and consultants come very expensive, which again surpasses SMB's shoe-string budget. 

With our professional expertise at Expediuz Tech, you have the assurance of having a virtual team of professionals who promise to take care of the technical nitty-grittys, right from migrating your enterprise to the cloud and also administering it, so that you don't have to worry about the technical mechanics and have the time to focus on your business, which matters the most.

So you might ask, why I, as an SMB owner or an MSP managing my client's IT , migrate to the cloud? Well, here are a few points which you might want to consider.

Financial Flexibility
One of the biggest selling points for cloud based services would undoubtedly be the financial flexibility that it offers. With hosted services, you are a tenant amongst many others, in this huge platform and you are allocated a chunk of "room" to utilize the services which you require and relinquish it to someone else, when you are done using it. Simply pay for what you happen to use. That kills a lot of redundancy in terms of cost and energy consumption, something which you might never had been able to achieve, as an SMB, maintaining your on-premise infrastructure. Isn't that cool?
Low Maintenance
With cloud based services, you really don't have to worry about the internal mechanics. It's like calling the water company and asking them to spin up a new pump, when you run out of water and have guests over at your place. Once the guests leave, simply ask the water company to take their pump back. Ain't that simple and cost-effective? You barely need to worry about the underlying hardware and technical stuff, since we would be taking care of that, so that you could scale and utilize the required IT services as per your dynamic requirements. Simple and straightforward. Period!
Location Independence
This could also be one of the other key USPs for SMB cloud services. Today's digitally interconnected world enables users to access their corporate data from any part of the globe, and work and be productive whenever and wherever they wish to. The way modern workforce works has significantly changed and it's no more a 9-5 slog for the employees anymore. Infact, recent study shows that people spent more time being involved with their work related activities, when they are actually NOT at office. The advent of BYOD and mobile devices is enabling users to be mobile and at the same time productive, hence contributing to the growth of the business. What else could complement this very idea than cloud based services, which is simple, mobile and universally accessible.
Security and Disaster Recovery
Though the notion might be that since migrating to the cloud also brings in its fair bit of security and data governance concerns, but on the contrary, that's not the case.

Your data is absolutely secure and protected. Moreover, with our professional consultation and expertise, you should be able to meet your data security and retention requirement. Also, should a disaster occur, we would make sure that your mission critical data remains absolutely secure and fireproof, hence delivering the quickest recovery time and point objective.

Expediuz Tech is a small yet highly motivated team of IT infrastructure consultants and we are based out of Pune, India. We provide IT Support and Cloud Solutions, which is simple, cost-effective and is minutely tailored for your business needs. We work closely with managed service providers across the globe, helping them to help their clients to achieve maximum ROI and establish and manage resilient IT infrastructures. To know more, feel free to contact us and we would more than glad to assist you with your IT and Cloud challenges.