Reasons SMBs Need to Monitor their Networks



Businesses today are faced with the tedious challenge of maintaining their network to allow for consistent availability and productivity. Network monitoring solutions have become crucial nowadays because so many companies are relying on their internal network to be productive in their line of work. Network failures and irregularities, server downtime, service or application crashes can seriously threaten the livelihood of a business, costing thousands (if not millions) of dollars in revenue and productivity. Therefore, with the use of network monitoring solutions, you can deliver a better service and cut costs by fixing issues before any of your users notice a problem.

So here are the top reasons for using network monitoring solutions for your business.


Visually Document your Growing Network

In the process of getting the business up and running, many SMBs fail to document all of the devices in their network infrastructure. Then as the business grows, it can be easy to lose track of all the devices added to the network over time Contrasted with manual methods, network monitoring software performs device inventory automatically, providing you with a live network map of the IT infrastructure. That way, you always have an accurate view of your network. Training new employees becomes easier when you can show them exactly where devices are located. In addition, implementing best practice network design is more viable with a network map.


Keep informed

With real-time monitoring, if a failure or irregularity is detected, you can immediately be informed via methods such as SMS, pager, emails or a network message. Therefore, you will be notified of any problem on your network, wherever you may be thus allowing you to fix the issues swiftly. Without a network monitoring solution, you would have to look for issues yourself, or wait for the issue to be reported to you, to work toward a solution.


Do More with Less

network monitoring doesn’t require a full-time employee to manage it. Modern network monitoring software constantly pings devices in real time and updates their status on the map, only notifying you when preset thresholds are exceeded. Without needing to watch a screen for hours on end, you are freed to be more productive and rely on the software to let you know when something needs your attention.


Monitor from Anywhere

As SMBs grow, sales, marketing, and HR departments often grow before IT does, creating stress for small IT teams who are trying to do it all with less. Network monitoring can alleviate the burden when your IT services are in high demand and time is a precious commodity. You can set thresholds for critical metrics on particular devices and choose how, and how often, you want to be alerted when those thresholds are reached or exceeded. Then, whether you’re out in the field at a satellite office or just down the hall helping a user, the ability to receive custom alerts via sound, email, or email makes it easy to prioritize when a critical network event occurs.


Know when to apply your disaster recovery solutions

With enough warning, you can transfer the operation of important servers to a backup system until the primary system can be repaired and brought back online. Without network monitoring, you may not know there is a problem until it is too late.


Keep Track of Your Web Applications

Many services that your company offers to your users and customers are really just web applications running on a server. Network monitoring solutions allow you to stay on top of website problems, spot issues before your users or customers notice and remediate the issues in a timely fashion.


Ensure uptime

Network Monitoring maximizes network availability by monitoring all systems on your network, including servers, workstations and network devices and applications. Whenever a failure is detected, you will immediately be notified via the alerts you configure in the product allowing you to take corrective action in a highly efficient manner.


Track Trends without Hours of Data Digging

Reporting on data trends is a thousand times easier with network monitoring. With historic performance data at your fingertips, you’re armed with information to help diagnose network issues and take corrective measures.


Troubleshoot Issues More Easily

Network monitoring simplifies the detection and remediation of issues. Maps give at-a-glance performance statuses for devices so it’s easy to see when something is out of the ordinary. Because network maps inventory every devices and show the physical connections between them, digging in to find problem devices and understand the impact of a potential outage takes less time.


Save money

Above all, network monitoring helps you cut down on the total amount of downtime and time it takes to investigate problems. This translates to fewer man-hours and less money when problems occur.


Network monitoring software is an essential tool to help IT maintain a healthy network and ensure smooth operations for your SMB. When you rely on a powerful, affordable, easy-to-use solution, you set your business up for top-notch network performance today and continued growth tomorrow.

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