How Outdated Technology Can Hurt Your Business


When was the last time your small company overhauled its computers, Web site and other pieces of crucial IT infrastructure? The decision to put off these investments could be hurting it with both employees and customers, according to two separate research studies offered by Microsoft and Intel.

Given the obstacles entrepreneurs must face day in and day out, is it any wonder that some business owners are reluctant to embrace new technology? However, this approach to innovation allows your business to rely too heavily on old technology, which can limit your productivity. After all, it’s often just as costly to repair outdated technology as it to replace it. Plus, older computers, machines, software and equipment is often slower and less powerful than current technology.

Not being on par with the latest technology can affect the prospects of your business in many ways. Few of them could be:


Threat of losing your reputation in the eyes of your customers

It does not take much time to damage your reputation. Remember, people will not have the patience to buy your product and test it themselves. Research shows that most people search for the reviews and details on the internet before they buy any product. Many businesses do not update their websites frequently, which leads to lots of miscommunication with their customers.

Also, when you do not have access to the latest technology, you invite critics to post negative comments about your business on the social platforms. Say, for example; you are still providing your customers with printed receipts instead of online receipts for your services. Some users could mention this on social networking sites. Customers may shy away from doing business with outdated companies.


Losing on business opportunities

The internet has changed the way people buy things. Social media and other communication platforms mean information gets spread rapidly. Use these new platforms to reach a wider audience. Depend on traditional newspaper ads and other publicity measures, you will not tap all of your potential customers.

When your website is not optimized for search engines, according to the latest guidelines, you will lose the opportunity to reach a wider audience. It is also essential that you use the most recent communication platforms to communicate with your staff and customers so that you can exchange information quickly.

This can lead to many lost opportunities that will hamper the growth of your business.


Data security is hampered

The older your software, the riskier it is to use. Older software was not designed to be resilient against attacks, so strong data security is an absolute (and expensive) essential.


Data Loss

Some IT problems stem from integrating different software applications. When one application is outdated, and the other is updated, they don’t communicate properly with one another. This leads to potential data loss as well as potential revenue loss.


Old technology decreases productivity

Outdated technology will drastically affect your productivity. Your staff will spend more time working through old methods than is necessary. Old operating systems, for instance, can be vulnerable to hacking attacks and suffer from speed problems.

If your business is using old computers, then you’re also probably running an older operating system. If you continue to use older operating systems, your IT department may spend a lot of their time on maintenance and security patching to keep them running smoothly.


Using old technology can hurt your business. Instead of saving time and money, outdated technology can prevent your business from operating at its full potential. Investing in technology will allow your company to thrive and help you grow profits in the long run. If your reluctance to embrace newer technology is due to the cost of upgrading your technology, you’ll be happy to know that it’s possible to save money by implementing a gradual phase-out of old equipment. You’ve just seen how continuing to use outdated technological products can hamper your company’s potential. Don’t let this be you. Invest in newer technology and watch your business thrive.

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