Should you go for Managed Services or Break/Fix IT Services?


Every company needs some type of IT support system in place. When looking at the choices available, you really only find two viable solutions: managed services or break-fix IT. Both models are very different, and there are some common misconceptions in regards to which model is most effective and budget friendly.

The type of IT service plan you opt for depends on the specific needs of your business.

Many businesses rely on their IT systems to conduct day-to-day operations, while other organizations don’t. Typically, companies that rely on technology to operate would benefit from going the managed services route, whereas an organization that is less technology-dependent can survive on the break/fix model.

The question is how do you choose what IT service model is right for your business? Let’s have a look –


Break/Fix IT Services

The break/fix IT service model works exactly how it sounds – something within your IT infrastructure breaks and you contact your IT service provider to have the issue resolved. The process of Break-Fix IT typically involves 5 steps:

  • Problem arises (computer gets virus, network connectivity issues, data security breach).
  • Report the issue to your IT service provider.
  • IT support technician is either dispatched to your location to address the problem, or works on the problem remotely.
  • The technician diagnoses and resolves the problem.
  • You are billed for the tech help performed.

The biggest disadvantage of this model is budgeting because businesses never know when to expect anything to break. While you are relieved of the monthly service fee associated with the managed model, your costs for repairs, consultations and hourly labor are unpredictable with the beak fix approach. It’s never a good time for an IT meltdown. And as luck would have it, they seem to occur at the very worst moments. You’re putting the finishing touches on a major report or collecting data for that once in a lifetime job bid and an IT mishap strikes. All operations come to a screeching halt and productivity is derailed. Even the most basic IT problem can have catastrophic implications.

The break/fix IT service model is acceptable if:

  • Your organization rarely faces IT / technology issues.
  • Your budget can handle unpredictable IT costs typically associated with unexpected IT problems.
  • You have a dedicated IT department in-house or you have a tech-savvy person on staff that can handle majority of the IT problems you do have.


Managed Services:

With Managed Services, your IT network is actively monitored 24/7 and issues are addressed before they become a headache. Managed Services are proactive or preventative IT maintenance & support. MSPs employ a broad range of IT experts who can tackle technology problems with ease and efficiency. MSPs utilize the latest IT trends, software and practices to keep your systems up-to-date and secure. Other services that MSPs provide include 24/7 helpdesk support and disaster recovery which are not available in the break-fix model.

Managed services providers are contracted with monthly payments and allow your SMB to easily budget. Different companies have different IT needs and an MSP would happily accommodate them. You only pay for the services you want or need which ensures you’re getting the most out of a managed services provider.

Few of the advantages of using MS model are:

  • The fees are predicable which most IT departments can support
  • This model comes with easy access to IT professionals
  • Downtime is minimized as risks are monitored and mitigated

Managed Services is ideal for companies that want:

  • Predictable, fixed monthly fees for IT service & support.
  • Easy access to IT professionals that can provide help or answer tech questions (via HelpDesk Support).
  • To maintain a low risk for down-time that could negatively impact their business.
  • To outsource their IT department so they can focus on their business.

SMBs can experience downtime when it’s least expected. Would you rather a team of IT experts on hand or wait for a technician to tackle your problem? Expediuz Tech provides a comprehensive suite of managed services that will keep your business running efficiently and cost effectively. Our flexible, remote IT services will help you meet both operational infrastructure needs and your budget. Follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook for all of our latest updates and promotions.

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