Business mobility is what defines the modern working arena. Today's workforce expects a flexible and convenient experience in terms of getting their work done. Infact, recent studies show that the modern day employees spend most of their time working on their personal mobile devices, while they are away from office. This is quite perverse as compared to the conventional 9-5 work hour notion. However, at the same time, this brings in the challenges like corporate data security and infringement. This is where Expediuz Tech comes to the rescue.We, at Expediuz Tech, have the professional experience working with numerous small to medium sized businesses and MSPs, planning and designing business mobility solutions across multiple platforms, which could offer the right amount of flexibility, security and value for your business. Our BYOD/mobility solutions strategy focuses on mobilizing the core components of any business : people, data and processes. Our solution is designed to provide you the capability to integrate BYOD devices, management, applications and security in the most seamless fashion. Thus, this leads to leveraging the maximum potential out of our workforce.

Our team of technical experts can solve some of your greatest challenges with

Enterprise Mobility Strategy and Design
Mobility Solution Assessment and Improvement
Designing platform agnostic and custom tailored business mobility solutions
Strategies for continuous user experience improvement
Consulting on corporate data loss protection and security
Leveraging Bring-Your-Own-Device Philosophy

Some of the key solutions that we consult on

Mobile Devices
Desktop Virtualization
Mobile Security and Encryption
2-Factor Authentication for Remote and Secured Access

These are the benefits that you could achieve by switching to business mobility


  • Exponential Increase in Productivity
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership of IT Assets
  • Fortify your Business Data
  • Global Accessibility and Flexibility of your Enterprise Data

We are strategic partners with some of the leading players in the field of desktop virtualization and business mobility such as VMWare, Microsoft and Citrix. Our team boasts of industry leading certifications and expertize for the following technologies


  • Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop and VDI-in-a-box
  • Microsoft RDS and Desktop Virtualization
  • Microsoft Direct Access
  • VMWare VCP - Desktop Virtualization
  • Office 365
  • Identity Management

Interested in redefining and empowering your workforce with business mobility?