One of the biggest and most important challenges that businesses face is to implement a backup and disaster recovery solution which is solid and could be implemented as a part of the business continuity plan.There was a time, when companies used steel filing cabinets and folders to store data and information. Well, that's ancient now. In today's modern era, virtually almost all the documents and data for any business to operate optimally, rely on the digital variant. Data duplication, Information Vaults and offsite DR systems have become a part of any business continuity plan since if a disaster strikes, it could be a fatal damage to the business.Consider the data being stored within your organization's network. Everything is typically stored and managed on central file/storage system for simplified administration and access by multiple staff. This in turn also brings in the risk of concurrent high usage of the storage media, which eventually becomes highly susceptible to significant wear and tear and failure at any fine day. Moreover there are factors such as drive failure, natural calamity, or simply an accidental user error, and you are seeing some serious problems with the organization's data governance. Planning the organization's backup and disaster recovery is imperative and should always be on the high priority checklist for any business.Expediuz Tech promises state-of-the-art consulting when it comes to designing and managing backup and disaster recovery solutions for your business. We will determine the best storage and data protection solution, custom tailored for your unique business needs. We can deliver the expertise to assist you with planning and executing the most appropriate backup and disaster recovery strategies, both onsite and offsite, hence ensuring complete peace of mind when comes to retaining your corporate data and assets.

Our areas of expertise include:

Hybrid Cloud Backup
Storage Architecture
Backup Infrastructure Assessment
DR Colocation
Data Backup Planning and Design
Data Protection Planning for Virtual Infrastructure
Backup Replication Strategies
Endpoint Backup Strategy

We are consulting partners with some of the leading backup vendors in the market like StorageCraft, Vembu, Veeam, Acronis, Altaro and MAXBackup. Hence we could provide you the assurance of a completely platform agnostic approach to custom tailor and deliver the exact backup solution that you are planning to implement.

Are you an MSP or someone who manages your company's IT backup strategy and interested in fireproofing your enterprise and business data solution?